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Taking action against gender-based violence

was a TC organized in Vrnjacka Banja (Serbia) 30 March – 7 April 2017 for skills development of participating youth workers and providing them with innovative tools in the field of combating gender based violence and promoting gender equality.

The type of the project wasTraining course using interactive, innovative and creative methods of non-formal education regarding gender issues: gender stereotypes, gender-based violence and gender-based hate speech. TC gatherd 30 participants (youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers) from 10 CoE member states. Project “Taking action against gender-based violence” has been realized through seven day long training course for 30 youth workers/activists/leaders directly involved in work with young people.

The project aims to empower the participating youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers to more efficiently and extensively use innovative and creative tools in their everyday work. The project aims to promote respect of human rights, equal opportunities, and gender equality. During the training course, participants gained theoretical knowledge about the Human rights and Gender equality and practical skills how to use an effectively social intervention methods in their youth work in their local communities towards meaningful social change. Participants learned, practiced and produced new graphic and video tools and finally, they will learn how to use online space to combat gender stereotypes, prejudices, sexism, violence and hate speech.

The main objectives of the project were:

-To strengthening social and personal knowledge and competencies of youth workers/leaders for dealing with gender based stereotypes, violence, hate speech and discrimination on national level and wider.

– To introduce and explore and possibilities of using various video and graphic techniques with young people in the field of gender equality

– To explore innovative techniques and possibilities of online media and social network as powerful channel for cooperation, communication, dissemination, acquiring information, spreading the message, etc

– To strengthening cooperation and exchange of youth work practice between youth NGOs from CoE member states and promote EYF programme as a tool for cooperation and the possibilities that it offers.